MTP participants are unique because they travel with purpose, and because they seek to see America both as it is, and as it could be. For 2016, MTP will offer two journeys. Applicants may opt to participate in either journey:

  • CHANGE // August 1-7 // Pittsburgh - Chicago - Kansas City - Albuquerque - Los Angeles
  • UNITY // August 10-18 // Los Angeles - San Francisco - Denver - Milwaukee - Detroit

To get on board, applicants must pitch a project they want to advance across the communities where our train stops. Once the project proposal has been approved by our review committee, applicants have three options for how to cover their program fees ($5k/participant), which cover on-train accommodation, meals, and all MTP-related programming activities:

  1. CROWD-FUND: The vast majority of MTP participants get on board by crowdfunding support for their project via MTP's Indiegogo page. This option ensures that MTP journeys are financially accessible to all applicants and is designed to build communities of support behind our participants' work. Many alumni reference the crowdfunding process as one of the most positive elements of their MTP experience because of how it forced them to articulate their project concept and gain valuable fundraising experience. 
  2. SOLICIT SPONSORSHIP: Frequently, participants will solicit and receive funding from their employer and/or local foundations, companies, and NGOs to cover their program fees. In addition to serving as an excellent platform for professional development and networking, MTP provides ample opportunities for participants to gain new perspectives and relationships that can amplify their ability to drive value for their local communities and employers.  
  3. SELF-FUND: Assuming your project proposal meets our evaluation criteria and has been approved by our review committee, you are welcome to self-fund your program fees. Because our program fees are subsidized by our generous sponsors, this is one of the absolute best deals in travel!



Applications for MTP 2016 will be considered on a rolling basis until the train reaches capacity. As of May 26, 2016, we only have 5 spots remaining on our "Change" journey and our "Unity" journey is at capacity. 

Programming fees will need to be paid by June 1 in order for applicants to secure their spots on board, although the train may reach capacity before this point.


  • AGE: You must be between 18-34 years old as of July 1, 2016.

  • APPLICATION FEE: A $50 non-refundable application fee is required of all applicants, except in cases of demonstrated need (details).  

  • PROJECT PROPOSAL: You must propose a project that (assuming you earn a spot on board) you intend to advance across the communities where our train stops. The project should be designed to benefit, serve, or inspire others, and meet all Project Evaluation Criteria.

  • PROGRAM FEES: Approved applicants must either self-fund, crowd-fund, or earn sponsorship to cover their program fees ($5k/participant). More details on the crowdfunding process are provided below.


Our 2016 journeys will each stop in 5 cities over the course of one week. In each locality, you will have 5-6 hours to advance your project (the remainder of the day is dedicated to group programming and travel).

This is your opportunity to explore whatever you consider to be your own personal, professional, or creative frontier across multiple regions of the United States. Some applicants will use this opportunity to advance projects that relate directly to their full-time work, while others will envision new projects that allow them to gain experience in a completely new field, launch a business, or create original works of art.


While those whose applications have been approved have the option of self-funding or securing sponsorship to cover their program fees, the vast majority of MTP participants opt to utilize MTP's Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to crowdfund their program fees. 

Typically, successful crowdfunding applicants reach their goals in between 10 and 60 days with the support of 20-100+ individual contributors. All applicants have 60 days to reach their crowdfunding goal.

Applicants whose crowd funding campaigns are successful will have their choice of claiming a spot on either of our August 2016 journeys (UNITY or CHANGE) up until the point that either or both of those journeys become fully subscribed. 

Financial backers of applicant crowdfunding campaigns that are not among the first 30 campaigns to reach their goal will not be charged. Contributions toward successful applicant crowdfunding campaigns go directly to MTP to help underwrite expenses associated with the journey and are tax-deductible. Funds raised by successful applicants in excess of $5k will be considered donations to MTP. Crowdfunding tips are provided here.