Here are some tips and strategies that have worked well for applicants in the past:

  • Make a compelling proposal and video. Convey very clearly what your project is, why it matters, and what are your personal motivations for applying.

  • Make personal asks. Send individual emails, pick up the phone and call, go door-to-door, and don't be afraid to ask your friends and family for support. It takes a village. 

  • Leverage your contacts. Using Mailchimp (or something like it) you can send custom message to all of your Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts.

  • Use social media. Regularly update your social media platforms on the progress of your campaign. We've seen applicants get $1,000 contributions from complete strangers via Twitter.

  • Local media outreach. Ask neighborhood blogs, newsletters, community groups, or city papers to spread the word about your campaign.

  • Reach out to like-minded communities. Approach companies or organizations that may have interest in supporting your campaign.

  • Organize a fundraising event or activity. Throw a party, host a bake sale, or get creative about other ways to raise money off-line.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to RICHARD@MILLENNIALTRAIN.CO