MTP Indiegogo Campaign Design Instructions

In order to complete your MTP Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, please follow the following instructions (in addition to those provided on the Indiegogo site).

PAGE 1 (Start Your Campaign page)

  • Set fundraising goal to $5,000

 PAGE 2 (Login page)

  • Login with Facebook or create a new username/password

PAGE 3 (Campaign design platform)

> Basics

  • Upload high-resolution photo as Campaign Card Image
  • Set funding end date to 60 days from launch

> Story

  • Upload video
  • Complete your Campaign Pitch. Campaign Pitch must answer the following questions:
    • What is your project?
    • What is your perception of the future, and how does your project respond to that perception?
    • How will you use your time in each city to advance your project?
    • What is your project designed to accomplish?
    • How will you share the impact of your project and MTP experience with others?
  • Be sure to explain that, if your campaign is among the first 20 to reach its $5,000 goal, all funds raised will go to MTP, which is a 501(c)3 organization. As such, they will be tax-deductible. These funds help to underwrite the costs of the journey and its associated programming, transportation, and hospitality costs. If you are not among the first 20 applicants to reach their crowdfunding goal, none of your supporters will be charged.

> Perks

  • Most successful applicants on our prior journeys have not offered perks, and you are not required to do so. If you do choose to offer perks, keep in mind that you will be personally responsible for any costs associated with such perks.

> Team

  • Add MTP to your campaign team by inserting in the field marked “New Team Member Email”
  • Make MTP an editor on your campaign by clicking the box beneath the “New Team Member Email” field (This allows us to connect your account to MTP’s account for fundraising purposes; we will not edit other portions of your campaign)
  • Click the “Send Invitation” button

> Funding

  • Select the “Individual” and “Fixed Funding” options
  • Enter MTP’s PayPal information.
    • PayPal First Name: Patrick
    • PayPal Second Name: Dowd
    • PayPal Email:


  • Up to you!