We welcome applications from young innovators, creative leaders, and aspiring changemakers of any background whose projects are designed to benefit, serve, inform, and/or inspire others. 

For examples of successful projects designed and led by MTP alumni, please visit our Impact page.

In order to be approved, applications must meet the following criteria.

  • COMPLETENESS, meaning that you have filled out and submitted all elements of your project proposal, including a short bio and answers to all application questions.

  • FEASIBILITY is evaluated based on how you propose to use the 6-hours allotted for participant projects in each MTP destination, and what you propose to do/create after the journey based on your MTP experience.   

  • RELEVANCE is evaluated based on the extent to which your project is designed to benefit, serve, inform, and/or inspire others.

  • SHAREABILITY is based on the extent to which the outcomes of your project and MTP experience can be shared with others.

*Projects can be an extension of work that you already do or an original endeavor into an area in which you have little experience but great interest.*