The Millennial Trains Project provides a unique platform for passengers to pursue individual projects. Anyone age 18-34 is eligible to apply. Each project should aim to benefit, inspire, and serve others.

The following guidelines explain our focus and expectations. Projects that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be allowed to launch.


Projects must have a clear goal, with a tangible, sharable outcome. They cannot be open-ended. Instead, they should leverage this journey as a means to build upon the applicant's existing work or create something new.


We are an outward facing project because we believe that journeys bring people together and the story of this journey has the potential to build bridges across community and ideology. 

Sharing what passengers are doing is an essential part of building this sense of community around the train. Whether the project's outcome is a published paper, creating a mural or starting a blog, we expect that passengers will be committed to making their work outward facing as well. 




We are committed to the projects created along MTP's journeys benefiting, inspiring, and serving others. And so, while we work to be as open as possible, there are a few items, topics and subjects that are not permissible. We will not allow any project to proceed that could put the passenger in danger or that could compromise the integrity of the project's spirit. Topics that are off-limits include:

Alcohol  //  Contests  //  Drugs, drug-like substances, drug paraphernalia, tobacco, etc  //  Direct marketing campaigns  //  Electronic surveillance   //  Firearms, weapons, and knives  //  Offensive material (hate speech, inappropriate content, etc)  //  Projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate or issue  //  Pornographic material  //  Projects that promote or glorify violence

Finally, we are working to build a diverse community of participants and projects on board our journeys. Projects must be rigorous, achievable and unique. Applications that do not add to the diversity of our community will not be accepted.