After you pay the application fee, you will be sent a Project Proposal form to complete that will help  understand your project and how you plan to advance it across the communities where our train stops.

Below are the project questions you should be prepared to answer.  

In addition to answering these questions, and providing some general bio information, you will be asked to create a compelling video that describes your project and will be used on your crowdfunding page.  Crowdfunding is hosted by Indiegogo - you can browse their 

What is your project? 
What is the mission, inspiration, and desired outcome(s) for the project that you intend to further during the 5-hour period that is allotted for participant-led projects in each MTP locality? Are there specific groups, organizations, or individuals with whom you want to meet in certain localities? Will these encounters help deepen your understanding of an issue or field of work that matters to your long-term career goals or other kinds of aspirations? Let us know, and feel free to explore whatever moves you. In your description, aim to be as clear, concise, and specific as possible, and consider including hyperlinks to help convey your message.

What is your perception of the future, and how does your project respond to that perception?  
Describe what you think the world, or a particular aspect of it, will look like 5-10 years in the future. Use publicly available research and data to support your perception. Explain how your project responds to the specific future challenge or opportunity that you have identified.

How will you use your time in each city to advance your project? 
In addition to passion and vision, advance planning is a key ingredient of every successful MTP experience. Please use this space to explain how you plan to use your time in each city where our train stops. For instance, do you plan to conduct research, meet with potential clients for your new startup, host convenings with local residents, or orchestrate public installations of famous poetic verse?

What is your project designed to accomplish? 
Your project can be extension of your current work or something totally unrelated that gives you the freedom to explore whatever you consider to be your own personal frontier across multiple regions of the United States. Ideally, your project will enable you to create something new that you share with others. This is the place to let your potential supporters know what you think will be the impact of your journey on a personal, professional, organizational, and/or community level.

How do you plan to share the outcome of your project and the impact of your MTP experience with others? 
Just as we work to share the overall story of the journey, we expect all participants to share the outcome(s) of their individual projects and MTP experiences with others. Will you send a postcard from each city where you stop to your top supporters? Create a white paper, podcast, or short film that chronicles your journey? You can do whatever you want, but this is a great space to tell potential supporters how you intend to bring them with you on your journey and share what you will share what you have learned along the way.

You will also be asked to submit a video that will be used for Crowdfunding - which clearly