MTP is proud to partner with brands and organizations at the local and national level whose vision and values align with those of the project. 

Our journeys provide an unsurpassed opportunity for shared discovery, exposure, and engagement with local innovators, MTP participants, and virtual audiences. In addition to financial contributions, MTP seeks in-kind donations that could be integrated into our journeys. Examples include in-city meeting space, gear, transportation, technology and hospitality.  MTP is a 501(c)3 non-profit orgnaization; as such all contributions to the project are tax-deductible. 





Comcast NBCUniversal has been MTP's lead sponsor since 2014. Through its Open Possibilities social innovation platform, Comcast NBCUniversal helps to expand the reach, diversity, and impact of the MTP community by underwriting fellowships for select participants, providing challenge grants for MTP participants to continue growing their projects post-journey, and assisting with media production. As a leading media and technology company with trusted relationships in communities all across the United States, Comcast NBCUniversal helps the MTP community to spark conversations and empower young leaders that move America forward.



The U.S. Department of State greatly enhances the diversity of our community by each year underwriting the participation of Foreign Fulbright Scholars who use MTP to advance their academic interests and build a trans-regional perspective of the United States.  In prior years, we have hosted Fulbright-MTP participants from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Colombia, El Salvador, Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and Yemen. The State Department also sends senior officials to serve as on-train mentors, such as Special Advisor for Global Youth Issues Andy Rabens. Click here to learn more.


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EKOCYCLE, an innovative collaboration between Coca-Cola and will.i.am, partnered with Millennial Trains Project on our 2014 journey from Portland to New York to help make our train a hub for exploration and conversation around sustainability. EKOCYCLE engaged our participants in conversations around how corporations like Coca-Cola can work with Millennials to imagine and co-create a better, more sustainable future. It underwrote and co-hosted a concluding event for our community in New York City and sent a world-class videographer on board to document our ground-breaking journey. 



3D Systems (3DS) helped us to explore the new frontiers technology and imagination by creating a custom on-board hacker-space complete with 3D scanners, printers, and miniature drones. The space served as an interactive environment for participants to re-imagine business, industry and design as well as discover possible applications of these new technologies for their own projects. 3DS also participated in activations at each stop, visiting local libraries and maker-spaces to show how 3D printing can promote digital literacy and create new possibilities. In each city where our train stopped, 3DS donated its state-of-the art equipment to these local libraries and maker spaces. 



Norfolk Southern, a leading railroad that operates most of the rail routes and intermodal network in the eastern United States, partnered with MTP on our inaugural journey to help us overcome logistical hurdles and gain access to hard-to-reach locales. They also hosted an unforgettable event for us at Union Station in Washington, DC on board their private rail cars, one of which once belonged to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.



The S&R Foundation has been a sponsor of MTP since the project's inception in 2012. S&R supports efforts they believe have great potential in social entrepreneurship, particularly emphasizing in furthering cultural collaboration and ensuing social benefits. Part of the S&R sponsorship was donated living and office space at the Halcyon House - a historic property and innovation incubator in Washington, DC.



NEWaukee creates programs and initiatives that motivate locals and outsiders of Milwaukee to realize the potential of their city. NEWaukee was our official host in Milwaukee and has helped to recruit and underwrite the participation of young Milwaukee-based innovators on each of our journeys . In addition to hosting a welcome meal for our participants with local leaders at Marquette University, Newaukee planned an entire day of activities for our group, including a bike tour of the Menomonee Valley, visits to the Urban Ecology and Global Water centers, and tours of the Art Museum and Discovery World. Our partnership with Newaukee exemplifies the way we like to partner with local organizations in cities across America.